Jobs Responsibilities of System Architect

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Microservice Vs. Monolith architectures Systems.


Very nice comparison written by Bozhidar Bozhanov about types of systems architectures, microsystems or monolithic, advantages and disadvantages. May be you must to have pretty good reasons for choose microsystems complexity. Enjoy here.

An other point of view here about microsystems, monolithic and Right-sized systems. How important is to have services what  shouldn’t  have more than 300 lines of code.

Oracle’s Larry Ellison: IBM and SAP were our biggest competitors but ‘we no longer pay any attention’ to them.

I found the opinion of Oracle CEO Larry Ellison about position of Oracle, IBM and SAP and the cloud computing platforms IaaS, SaaS and PaaS.
He Talk about too about Salesforce e WorkDay companies. He also applauded his historic competitor Microsoft, for having game in the cloud.

Very interesting review:  oracle-doesnt-notice-ibm-sap