Quick tips for Assembly and build spring MVC projects after long time

After some months without creating new Eclipse project not using maven I had two problems and here I’m documenting that with the objective to do not more see this problem in front of me and trying to help someone with the same problem.

The first is when you build the project and the assembly doesn’t work fine, your deploy structure is not understood for the eclipse and as least one dependency is not found in runtime. You can try to resolve as follow:

Right click in project —> properties —> Deployment Assembly —> Add —> Java Build Path Entries —> Next —> select jar or library —> next —> finish.

The second is when you build a Spring MVC project in eclipse and and run it onto Servlet/jsp container and for some reason it doesn’t works. Maybe you need to check your spring configuration file and see if the follow ViewResolver are ok.

<bean id=”viewResolver”
<property name=”prefix”>
<value>/WEB-INF/[your jsp directory or just WEB-INF]</value>
<property name=”suffix”>

This piece of xml set the viewresolver, it means, where and wich one extensions your view tier (jsp) will understand.




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