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Spring Bean lifecycle in practice


If you are looking for some Spring lifecycle Bean information or if you want to understand how the Spring create the instances under the their scope here I describe step by step and you can download one project in this link with some classes what fi you run them you will see in the log the steps clearly:

  – The principal steps awares.
 – BeanPostProcessor, Before initialization.
 – PostConstruct.
 – InitializingBean.
 – init a Person (a Object).
 – BeanPostProcessor After Initialization.
 – PreDestroy.
 – Destroy.



When you run the main method in SpringTest1 class you will see this on log:

1 – BeanNameAware: Object Person has been Initialized. Makes the object aware of their bean name in a bean factory.

2 – ClassLoaderAware, parent class loader gives the class loader used by the present bean factory to load bean classes.

3 – BeanFactoryAware: Be aware of their owning BeanFactory.

** BeanPostProcessor, Before Initialization person one per Bean, Spring container init instantiating, configuring, and initializing Bean.

4 – @PostConstruct: Init method after properties are set

5 – InitializingBean: afterPropertiesSet

6 – Init a Person: initPerson, init a Person by init-method method in Bean by  default-init-method or

6 – Init a Person: default-init, Initializing bean: person Default called to initialize Bean. If init-method is setted in beans.xml  this method will be executed.

       <bean id=“person”
             <property name=“name” value=“Felipe” />

** BeanPostProcessor After Initialization person one per Bean, Spring container finish instantiating, configuring, and initializing Bean
Method talk is executed: ** I said hello! **

Calling ConfigurableApplicationContext close()…
ov 10, 2015 4:14:14 PM org.springframework.context.support.ClassPathXmlApplicationContext doClose
INFORMAÇÕES: Closing org.springframework.context.support.ClassPathXmlApplicationContext@1f8302d: startup date [Tue Nov 10 16:14:13 BRST 2015]; root of context hierarchy

7 @PreDestroy: Spring Clean Up! Person is cleaned up now. (named via beans.xml)
8- DisposableBean destroy(): Released the bean: person Called after Spring container is released the bean.