How to change styles colors in eclipse

After use for many times the Eclipse IDE, maybe you can feel so tired with the same layout and the same colors. Can can change de global layout or Eclipse, also you can change the color of specific type of class element (name class, methods name, attribute, annotations).

Here is an easy step by step how to change the Eclipse style.

1.- If you you to the Window -> Preferences -> and then type Appearance you’ll see a window like this.


In the Window you will see the list of all Themes available with your Eclipse distribution. Choice one and cli in apply and check if you like one of them

Now your Eclipse is looking like this:


2.- Now your Eclipse is in the dark side. You can change only the code style into the class installing the follow plugin like this.

Here choice in Help -> Install New Software
Here choice in Help -> Install New Software

Then you will see the windows for install a new plugin in your Eclipse like this:

Here you link put into the work with input the link as bellow: Click in Add and ok. Then will appear an option Eclipse Color Theme, click in checkbox and install. Then finish. Reboot your Eclipse and you will see this options.

After Eclipse reboot go to Windows -> Preferences, In the window bellow go to the General -> Appearance -> Color theme. In this point you can see all color themes available for you. Choice one, apply, click in ok and done.

After you choose one color theme you need to wait a few seconds to refresh the preview.





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